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Dr. Sonia Valdez, Chapter president.  Together we can make a difference.

NAHN Statement on Racism and Gun Violence 

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) stands with the victims, families, and communities over the last weekend who experienced the tragic events due to racism and gun violence. We continue to face these public health crises and it is our duty to advocate and improve the health and safety of the communities that we serve. As nurses, we stand for the protection of all citizens through policies that provide mental health and public safety and work towards dismantling all facets of racial hatred, bias, and violence within our communities.

As an organization, we condemn the vitriol that sparked these individuals to cause harm among the communities of Buffalo, NY, Orange County, CA, and other locations throughout the United States that perpetuates hate towards communities of color. NAHN is centered on promoting the health of communities of color through education, mentorship and advocating for policies at state and federal levels. We are dedicated to preserving the rights of all individuals through concerted efforts toward diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.



Kelly Guzman


Kelly Guzman, President/CEO of Yellow Brick Consulting, a long time member and supporter of La NAHN, along with her team published their second book, A Guide to Healthcare Facility Dress Rehearsal Simulation Planning. This is the follow-up to 2020’s Simplifying the Complex: A Guide to Transition and Activation Planning for Healthcare Construction Projects.

Simplifying the Complex

ISBN: 978-1-83867-972-9

Simplifying the Complex: A Guide to Transition and Activation Planning for Healthcare Construction Projects

A Guide to Dress Rehearsal Simulation Planning: Simplifying the Complex

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Welcome to the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses.  The Los Angeles Chapter has the largest membership in the 32 chapters of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses.  We are proud of our active board members who work diligently throughout their term to provide our local members with opportunities to enhance their professional image and leadership skills through participation on health and community committees. 
Please take the opportunity to discover our chapter and we encourage you to join our association.

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NAHN Focuses on Facts in Response to Covid-19

NAHN recommends that members of the public continue to practice good hand hygiene and follow CDC recommendations on everyday preventative actions. Concern, and even fear, are normal reactions among the public. That worry can be managed with accurate information. NAHN urges members of the public to stay safe, smart, and informed. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently launched a social media campaign called "Be Ready for Covid-19" that provides advice on how to protect ourselves and others. NAHN supports the practice of training healthcare professionals in early identification and notification. Nurses must receive the highest level of protection to provide care for the individuals and communities in which they serve.